How much money could I save using electronic cigarettes?

Lots of smokers have no idea how much they spend on cigarettes every week, never mind every month or every year. If they sit down and work it out, it will probably be a lot more than they would have guessed. If you are a heavy smoker, the cost to your pocket of buying cigarettes […]

Vapor Couture Launches First Line of Electronic Cigarettes for Women

from VMR Products, one of the nation’s highest-selling electronic cigarette brands, launched the very first line of electronic cigarettes designed exclusively for women yesterday. Vapor Couture, the only electronic cigarette designed exclusively for women, is the latest line that was launched by flagship company VMR Products and is sister company to V2 Cigs, a […]

E-Cigs – A Safe Way to Light Up?

What are Electronic Cigarettes? Electronic cigarettes, commonly known as e-cigarettes or e-cigs, are often seen as an alternative to tobacco smoking. Many have gone on to proclaim this as a safer alternative to cigarettes. A lot of argument has been made over the years about the usefulness and alleged harmfulness of electronic cigarettes. But critics […]

Does an electronic cigarette really taste the same as a normal one?

If you are a smoker, lighting up a cigarette is probably the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning and something you repeat almost automatically throughout the day whether you are at home, at work or out with your friends. The act of putting a cigarette in your mouth is as […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Cigarettes

Millions of people around the world smoke cigarettes. A large number of them would love to give up smoking but find that they don’t have the willpower to break the physical and mental addiction to cigarettes that they have built up, often over many years of puffing away on their favourite tobacco product. That is […]

V2 Cigs Review: Why V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarettes are the best?

V2 Cigs is the #1 ranked electronic cigarette website in the US and Internationally by, providing quality products and consistent innovation to their customers. V2 Cigs has distinguished itself as a leader in the industry for its ever-expanding product lines, powerful vapor production and great taste. V2 Cigs provides a smokeless alternative to conventional […]

Smokers in India Are Living Without Health Insurance

About 58% of Smokers In India Are Not Insured Smokers are exposed to the dangerous (even fatal) perils of heavy smoking. Despite being aware of the life taking risks, about 58 per cent smokers in India do not have any form of online medical policy. This has been proved by a recent survey conducted through a […]

How To Quit Smoking With eCigarettes

Coming soon.. Please check back in a while. We are still working on the back end. Anatomy of the e-cigarette